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I'm Kate

I’m an Email Optin Strategist in my work as a Digital Marketing Consultant & Creative Designer. I love to help ambitious people get massive results from their online marketing with better optins and sales!

As Chief Digital Strategist of my own online marketing and web agency, I have been building “revenue based” digital marketing strategies with businesses for years! I now focus on digital product creators who want to build an audience of buyers, not browsers.

I personally designed and set up a Facebook Ad that resulted in over 3,000 optins over 30 days!

I have published books on web design principles and processes, and digital online marketing strategies. I also mentor other digital marketing consultants about their career ambitions.

There is No-One-Size-Fits-All at Optin&Grow!

My top 5 marketing tips for ambitious people are:

1/ Build an audience as fast as possible

2/ Nurture that audience (& survey them often)

3/ Become a PR machine (spreading the word!)

4/ Build a Limitless Lead Sales Funnel (for easy recurring revenue)

5/ Work less, shop more!